LinkedIn Introduces New Boost Marketing Features

Today, LinkedIn is making marketing a little easier. The platform wants to help both novice and sophisticated marketers. This is by seamlessly reaching more targets and growing a brand community. The platform also realizes that most professionals are juggling many hats and time is of the essence. As such, LinkedIn introduces new boost marketing features.

Remember LinkedIn’s motto? “Do business where business is done.” The platform really means business as it rolled out new features and tools to help brands and businesses alike. These include Better Campaign templates, a learning center for ads, LinkedIn StoriesMy Company tab, product pages, and reply control. Today, LinkedIn rolls out 3 new features to boost marketing on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Introduces New Boost Marketing Features


Turn organic LinkedIn posts into paid ads using the new “boost” marketing feature. With just a click of a button and some payment details, brands and businesses can now expand the reach of their high-performing content. Without creating a new ad, they can retarget audiences according to 3 segmentations:

  • Profile Based targets audiences according to company industries, job function, and job seniority.
  • Interest-Based targets audiences according to group memberships.
  • LinkedIn Audience Template for customized targeting.

Through the new “boost” marketing feature, marketers can aim to increase brand awareness, engagement, video views, and website traffic.

Customer Streaming

LinkedIn also wants to make it easier to build communities within the platform. With the new “Customer Streaming” marketing feature, users can now do a live broadcast via OBS, WebEx, Zoom, and sooner via Microsoft Teams. It also allows users to schedule a live stream and manage previous live streams. 

Event Ads

The 3rd marketing feature that LinkedIn rolls out is “Event Ads.” This new ad format appears on LinkedIn feeds. It helps brands and businesses promote an event highlighting its date, time, and how to join. This exposes event ads to new audiences and allows them to learn mutual connections who might attend the event. To give marketers full visibility of the event ads’ performances, LinkedIn also enables the Event Analytics tools. 

LinkedIn introduces new boost marketing features on 25 May 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

The new boost marketing features of LinkedIn are great ways to expand a brand’s reach and help businesses build communities. With 740 million monthly active LinkedIn users, marketers should not ignore looking over these new features. By experimenting on “Boost”, “Customer Streaming”, and “Events Ads”, the true value of LinkedIn’s targeting system will show your content to the right audiences. 



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