LinkedIn Launches New Motto: Do Business Where Business Is Done

LinkedIn is a platform for professionals. It is where they find jobs, network, and share their skills. The platform is also a good place to do content marketing for relevant products. The majority of LinkedIn members are decision-makers, so, there’s a higher chance of getting a conversion. Recently, non-business posts started to rise on LinkedIn. Such posts don’t match the concept of this professional network. To combat them, LinkedIn launches a new motto: “Do Business Where Business is Done.”

LinkedIn’s new motto is a brand campaign encouraging users to refrain from sharing posts that are not related to business. It’s because they don’t match the essence of LinkedIn’s value. Family life, jokes, and memes should be shared on other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But not on LinkedIn. 

In line with the campaign, LinkedIn suggests the following types of posts that may bring value to a business:

  • Thought Leadership Content. Become an authoritative voice by highlighting your business value on your post, posting updates to product solutions, and sharing industry news and trends.
  • Career-Boosting Advices. Most LinkedIn members come to the platform to advance their knowledge and skills. As an expert in a certain field, it will be best to post helpful professional content. These may include advice on how to solve a crisis, pro-tips on doing a task better, or an industry playbook. 
  • Conversation Starters. LinkedIn is a platform to share valuable thoughts. Such an engagement can uplift business dealings. So, it will be smart content that stirs up engagement. Ask opinions about industry trends, solutions to a problem, or thought-provoking controversies. Don’t be afraid to do so as long as it is within the business context.

LinkedIn launches a new motto on 17 March 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

LinkedIn’s new motto is a clear move to differentiate the platform from other social media networks. Which is true! LinkedIn marketing is very different. It is unique in such a way that marketers should post content with valuable information. That is why Linked wants to do business where the business should be done. 


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