Instagram Tests Re-Share Stickers for Stories

Instagram Tests Re-Share Stickers for Stories

Over the past few months, Instagram has discouraged sharing of original Stories. That is why they tested the re-share stickers for such a feature. Stories have come a long way now with 500 million people tapping into its power daily. Twitter also now allows sharing Stories on tweets. Today, Instagram tests reshare stickers for Stories.

Instagram Re-Share Sticker

This is the 4th variation of re-share stickers on the platform. The 1st test was made last January. Instagrammers sharing Stories will receive warning prompts to discourage sharing them. The 2nd test was a softer approach where re-shared Stories are labeled from where it was originally posted. The 3rd test was made last May. Here, a re-shared sticker will show on re-shared Stories. 

The 4th variation of re-share stickers for Stories enables a new dedicated sharing format. The new process shows a list of posts that a user has recently viewed. These include both Instagram feed posts and Reels. After choosing a post to re-share on Stories, the post appears in a small sticker that users can attach as a larger Story image or video. 

Instagram tests reshare stickers for Stories on 13 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

As Instagram tests re-share stickers for Stories for the 4th time, it encourages users to get more creative. For marketers, this means to keep posting original Story ads to boost brand visibility. It may limit the reach of Story ads as the platform discourages re-sharing. But in return, original Story ads may result in more conversions. 


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