Instagram launches yours to make campaign

Instagram is one of the top social media marketing platforms today. Last July, the platform rebranded from a photo-sharing to a photo and video network. With 500 million people tapping on IG Stories daily, the platform enabled holiday shop guides, map searches, and Stories Montage.

  1. “Yours to Make” Campaign

    Today, Instagram launches the “Yours to Make” campaign. It is not a new Stories feature nor tool. It is promoting Instagram’s brand story.The “Yours to Make” campaign is a video ad highlighting how the younger generation can explore themselves on Instagram.It taps into the power of self-exploration to connect deeper to other people and improve by experimenting with new interests.

  2. Yours to Make” features real creators and Instagrammers such as:

    Justin Yi, a digital creatorMadonna Redhawk, a native American make-up artistMorgan Hurd, a gymnastTopaz Jones, a hip-hop artist

The campaign goes live in the UK and the US. It will also be a launch to other countries within the year. 

Instagram launches the “Yours to Make” campaign on 23 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Instagram’s “Yours to Make” campaign is an arthouse celebration of the good within communities and interests in the platform. By appealing to the emotions of people, it can attract others to use Instagram in their everyday activities.

For marketers, the short film can be a guide to a creative approach. It just shows that Instagram has evolved, and they should focus more on video ads instead of plain visuals. 


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