Instagram Tests Stories Links for Everyone

Instagram Stories have come a long, long way. From its launch in 2010, it has transformed to be the best way to highlight real-time happenings. Even brands and businesses in the platform use them to connect with their target audiences. Today, there are around 500 million Instagrammers using Stories daily. As Instagram rolled out new features, they are getting better and better. AR filters, caption stickers, chat stickers and reshare stickers make them more engaging. While multi-uploading of images and videos plus product tags allow brands to tap into the power of Stories in promoting their products and services. Today, Instagram tests Stories links for everyone.

Currently, Instagram only allows swipe-up links to a profile with 10,000 followers and up. This limits the partnership opportunities for activists, creators, and small businesses. Yet, many of them have built powerful communities on Instagram. As the platform recognized the issue, it is now testing using the Stories link for everyone. According to Instagram’s product head, Vishal Shah, the test runs with a small group of influential accounts on Instagram. To share Stories links, Instagram enables link stickers instead of swipe-up links. What’s better about link stickers is the capacity for direct reply. Placing a link sticker on Instagram Stories leaves the bottom bar open for messages. It allows the Stories creator to reply to any message received. Thus, it fosters engagement within Stories.

Instagram tests Stories links for everyone as of 29 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Instagram tests Stories links for everyone, it is boosting its eCommerce features to small and big businesses alike. Marketers should keep watch over this new feature. Link stickers for Instagram Stories can open up varied opportunities for promotions and sponsorships. As they foster engagement through direct replies, they can also be a great way to connect with the audiences.


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