Instagram Adds Text to Speech and Voice Effects on Reels

Instagram now focuses on the power of audio. The platform is continuously enhancing the audio features of Reels. It enabled audio functions, audio search, and audio tab. To boost discovery, it introduced Collab, a partnership option for IG posts. Today, Instagram adds text to speech and voice effects on Reels.

Audio and sounds are the funniest aspects when creating Instagram Reels. That is why the platform now adds two relevant features to the app. These are text to speech and voice effects. 

Instagram Text-to-Voice

Text to Speech

Text to speech lives in the text tools of a Reels’ camera. It allows a Reels’ creator to use an auto voice in narrating a text aloud. It can also add some fun and humor to your Reels. Just tap the bubble on the text composer after adding text to your clip and select “text to speech” on the three dots menu to enjoy it.

Instagram Reels voice effects

Voice Effects 

Voice effects can be accessed as “vocalist” under audio effects. It allows creators to modify recorded audio or voiceover. Again, they can add some fun and humor to your Reels.

Instagram adds text to speech and voice effects on Reels as of 11 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

The new text to speech and voice effects on Instagram Reels are replications of TikTok’s features. It may be a minor update but can benefit marketers in launching campaigns that appeal to trend lovers. 


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