Google Rolls Out New Ecommerce Tools

Google wants to help retailers stand out this holiday season! As consumers are ramping up to shop, Google announces new eCommerce tools. Before the rollout of the new eCommerce tools, Google added more ways to update business profiles. They make it easier for retailers to upload their product listing directly on Google Maps and Search. The platform also expanded its partnerships with GoDaddy and WooCommerce. Together with a direct messaging function and new ways to shop, Google has made eCommerce better and easier among retailers.

Google Shopping listings update

Shipping and Return Annotations

Google’s first addition to its new eCommerce tools is an added shipping and return annotations on Google Search and Shopping results. These annotations will also be available among free and paid listings. Prompts like “Free Delivery by…,” Free X-day to return…,” “Get by…,”, etc. can be an extra interest for consumers or searchers.

Google Shopping Listings update

Turn YouTuber Videos to Virtual Storefronts

The second new eCommerce tool that Google rolls out is allowing GoDaddy, Shopify, and WooCommerce merchants to sync their products on Google for free. They can also integrate their YouTube videos to showcase these products within the said eCommerce platforms. 

Insight Tools and Reports to Track Performances

Google also rolls out new insight tools and reports to track the performances of ads and campaigns. These include:

  • Best Sellers Report giving marketers ideas of new brands and products that are in demand for the holidays.
  • Deep Link Validator and Impact Calculator to help businesses verify that they are sending shoppers to the right places.
  • Insights Page to help marketers identify trends to avoid missing out on shopper’s demands.
  • Performance Planner to help marketers plan their campaign budget. 
  • Real-Time Deals Report which will soon be rolled out in Google’s Merchant Center.

Google announces new eCommerce tools on 31 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Google’s new eCommerce tools can provide more potential exposure and revenue within Google surfaces. Marketers should never miss trying out these new tools to boost discovery and conversions within the largest global search engine.


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