Google Adds Direct Messaging Function to Businesses

Online searchers want to find quick answers to their questions. Especially when they’re browsing for a business nearby, they may need a fast reply to a niche question. Today, Google adds a direct messaging function to businesses. It aims to make it easier to find online answers directly from a business quickly. 

Business profiles in Google can now connect and respond to online queries via Google Maps and Search. By turning on messaging on your business profile, you can reply to people’s queries directly via the Google Maps app. These messages are also visible on Google search’s customer menu. If you have a messaging partner, you can register to access Business Messenger API. 

Google adds a direct messaging function to businesses effective 02 December 2020

Implications for Marketers:

Google makes it easier for businesses to better connect with their customers through the direct messaging function. For marketers, this can be a way to bolster a Google Business Profile. Around 40% of consumers expect brands to reply within an hour while 79% expect them within 24 hours. Through Google’s direct messaging function, there’s a bigger chance of conversion as you address concerns of people interested in the business.


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