Google Adds New Predictive Insights Personalized for Businesses

The implementation of Apple’s iOS 14.5 has significantly impacted ad targeting. Apple’s IDFA needed a device user’s permission to allow data tracking. As predicted, most users opt out. That is why social media platforms shifted to finding ways to counteract the effect. Google, for one, adopted a new data-driven conversion model and smart display campaigns to boost eCommerce. It has also added new metrics to fill up the absence of 3rd party data. Today, Google adds new predictive insights personalized for businesses.

Google Shopping Holiday 100

Power up your holiday campaigns with Google Shopping Holiday 100. It houses popular categories and products that are trending in the U.S. during the holiday season. As such, brands and businesses can better understand what people are looking for. So, they can offer relevant products and services to boost discovery and sales.

Insights Page

Google is testing a new insights page under Google Ads. It aims to help brands and businesses understand how they are performing in the market. It can also allow them to discover market trends. The insights page is divided into different categories such as auctions, audience, consumer interest, demand forecast, and searches.

Furthermore, Google’s insights page is tailored for every business by providing data on search interest for your products over the last six months. They come with integrated recommendations to help businesses act quickly. 

Google adds new predictive insights personalized for businesses on 18 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Google’s new predictive insights personalized for businesses can significantly help marketers tailor their Google ads and campaign. They can be a powerful tool to level up Google marketing and SEO.


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