Google Analytics Adds 2 New Metrics

After the controversial implementation of Apple’s IDFA, Google is slowly changing its analytics. It is to conform with the absence of 3rd party tracking. First, it added new eCommerce tools and search results explainers for businesses to bounce back globally. Recently, the world’s largest search engine adopted a new data-driven conversion model and MUM for search results. Today, Google Analytics adds 2 new metrics.

The 2 new metrics on Google Analytics aim to help businesses meet their marketing objectives. These are the Google Analytics 4 Properties and Google Search Console.

A screenshot of three bar graphs in different shades of blue showing a grouping of credit to each marketing touchpoint.

Google Analytics 4 Properties

As part of Google’s data-driven conversion model, it now introduces the Google Analytics 4 Properties. It is data-driven attribution with no minimum threshold requirement. Such insights show how all of the marketing activities of a brand or business collectively influence conversions. As such, it shows where to invest to drive ROI at less cost.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console gives detailed information about a website’s organic search performance. It includes queries that led to clicks, post-click data, and search ranking. Post-click data covers conversions and engaging sessions. These measures can be very helpful to drive engagement via organic SEO.

Google Analytics adds 2 new metrics on 05 October 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

The 2 new metrics on Google Analytics can be a key tool for marketers to get better marketing insights in the absence of 3rd party cookies. For marketers, it may be worth exploring the power of Google Analytics 4 Properties to drive ROI at less cost. While they can boost SEO through Google Search Console. These data-driven insights can fill the measurement gaps in understanding customer behaviors.


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