Google Introduces Smart Display Campaigns

Google is not only the largest search engine in the world. Today, the platform focuses on ramping up eCommerce to help advertisers and marketers. Despite its privacy-safe analytics, Google is not afraid of being abandoned by customers. In fact, Google marketing is now integrated with GoDaddy and WooCommerce. It has also updated bidding and video 360 and video ad experiments. Today, Google introduces smart display campaigns.

Google ads automation

Smart Display Campaigns are automated and optimized ads, bidding, and targeting. They allow brands and businesses to automatically find new and existing customers, make engaging ads that adapt to different screen orientations, and set the right bids for the ad. They have resulted in 20% more conversions than other display ads on YouTube. Effective today, Google integrates smart display campaigns with Display Ads. They are ads shown on articles, videos, and websites that consumers browse on Google. The integration makes it easier for marketers to automate and optimize ads. This is through powering features such as automated bidding, pay only for conversions, and responsive display ads.

Google introduces smart display campaigns on 15 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Google’s smart display campaigns allow marketers to choose the level of automation that marketers prefer on their Google ads. Its smooth setup process gives the flexibility to control your ads and campaigns. As Google Ads targeting is getting smarter, it can most likely boost conversion and sales.


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