Facebook Encourages Direct Traffic to Shops

Physical stores are out, online shopping is in. The COVID-9 pandemic has significantly changed the way people shop today. Last June, Facebook’s CEO announced the platform’s next level of eCommerce push. These include shop ads, visual search, and WhatsApp ads. Today, Facebook encourages direct traffic to Shops.

Facebook Shops optimization

Tony Christensen, an eCommerce ad expert, shared a tweet showing a Facebook message to advertisers. The message encourages brands and businesses to allow the platform in directing 10% of traffic to Facebook and Instagram Shops. Facebook will cover the estimated cost per impression for such requested traffic. Setting up a portion of traffic to Facebook and Instagram Shops instead of third parties will allow them to improve the Shop experience.

Facebook encourages direct traffic to Shops as of 08 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

It can be a big win among marketers as Facebook encourages direct traffic to Shops. First, a 10% free on cost per impression can be a significant saving on the advertising budget. Second, allowing Facebook to improve the Shops experience means leveling up Facebook and Instagram marketing.

Reference: https://twitter.com/tonydoesads

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