Pinterest Adds Shop Tab to Lens Visual Search

Pinterest Shop Tab

Pinterest continues shifting to e-Commerce as more businesses come to the platform. Today, Pinterest adds a shop tab to Lens visual search.  Such is an addition to shoppable pins launched on 07 April 2020.

Pinterest Adds Shop Tab to Lens Visual Search

A unique feature of Pinterest shopping is the use of visual search. After launching Lens on 07 February 2017, pinners can discover brands by using the camera or board images. By adding a hop tab button on Lens visual search, pinners can now discover buyable items and directly make a purchase. For example, you can capture a photo of an item you like and snap it on Lens to search for similar products. The search will display similar items that you can buy simply by tapping the shop button on the pinned item. That goes the same if you notice something you like in a pinned post. Just drag and resize the part of the post you wanted to search and do a search. With luck, you’ll discover the brand and where you can buy it.   

Pinterest Lens shop tab will be available to users by 01 June 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Pinterest revolutionalized personal online shopping as it continually provides virtual browsers for brands. It contributes to changing the way shopping looks these days. Marketers should consider Lens shoppable pins in their strategic approach. By creating visually appealing content, the platform can be a tool to turn the idle thoughts of pinners collecting shopping ideas into sales.


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