Clubhouse Introduces “Share” and “Web Listening”

Again, Clubhouse is making a noise at the start of the year. As a live audio room app, Clubhouse was launched in March 2020. Last December, it unveiled a new app icon featuring Abraxas Higgins. The platform also enabled auto-captionslanguage localization and topics, and pinned links. Today, Clubhouse introduces “share” and “web listening.”

Share on Clubhouse

A share button at the bottom of a Clubhouse room allows listeners to share the ongoing audio conversation under three options:

  • Share on Clubhouse
  • Share via Social Media Network
  • Share link via Messaging 

Anyone who clicks the shared link can listen to the live audio room on a desktop without having to log in.

Web Listening

Web listeners no longer need to download or log in on the Clubhouse app to listen to an audio conversation. It applies to both live audio rooms and recorded audio broadcasts via compatible browsers on mobile phones and laptops.

Clubhouse introduces “share” and “web listening” on 06 January 2022.

Implications for Marketers: 

Clubhouse’s “share” and “web listening” features can greatly improve engagement on the app. Among marketers, it can boost the discovery of a brand’s live audio broadcast and more reach.


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