Clubhouse Unveils a New App Icon

The Clubhouse app gets one more spur before the year ends. It now unveils a new app icon. The Clubhouse app is an audio-based social media platform. Recently, it enabled auto-captions, language localization and topics, and pinned links.

The new app icon of the Clubhouse app features Abraxas Higgins. He was a social media influencer and thought leader. As the new face of the Clubhouse app, the platform highlights that Abraxas is the most followed person in UK’s Clubhouse. He hosts a 9:00 AM morning show in London. 

As shown in the recent tweets of Reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, Clubhouse is also experimenting on saved replays. Since June, the app introduced a recording option.  During today’s town hall, the Clubhouse app announces testing saved replays. 

Clubhouse Unveils a New App Icon

The Clubhouse app unveils a new app icon on 22 December 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

The new icon of the Clubhouse app is a sign for marketers to get ready in the coming year. As the platform intends to bounce back, it can be a great alternative to a typical marketing approach.


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