Clubhouse Enables Auto-Captions

The Clubhouse app is a little behind with Twitter Spaces. To cope up with the competition, it started out introducing new changes in the platform. Besides opening its membership to the public, it rolled out features like backchannel messaging and spatial audio.

Clubhouse Enables Auto-Captions

Today, the Clubhouse app enables auto-captions among iOS users. The Clubhouse app is currently testing auto-captions among iOS users. It allows users to see action via text format of the live audio conversation. It is currently available in 12 languages. 

The Clubhouse app enables auto-captions on 18 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Auto-captions can expand the use of Clubhouse rooms with people being able to tune in even with sounds off. For marketers, it is another way to cater to a larger audience including those the hearing-impaired.


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