Clubhouse Introduces Pinned Links

The Clubhouse app is still on the race to live audio rooms! It is the future of social media audio marketing. As a live audio chat app, it was an instant hit among celebrities. Last July, it opened its membership to the public. It was also made available to Android users. With backchannel messaging, Creator Commons resource hub, spatial audio, and TED partnership, there’s a lot of potential for Clubhouse marketing.

Clubhouse Introduces Pinned Links

Today, Clubhouse introduces pinned links. The new feature will be available among Android and iOS by the 27th of October. Pinned links allow Clubhouse moderators to pin a link on top of a live audio room. Simply tap the upper right menu and select “Pin a Link.” The pinned link will then show on top of the live audio conversation. Clubhouse moderators can change or remove the link anytime. 

Clubhouse introduces pinned links on 25 October 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Clubhouse’s pinned links are a great way to boost engagement within live audio rooms. For marketers, they are a perfect way to advertise using catalog links and video ads. 


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