Clubhouse Updates Roles to Leaders and Members

The Clubhouse app is once again making noise! Just last week, the platform announced its opening to the public is no longer an invite-only app. It has also enabled backchannel messaging and partnered with TED for exclusive podcast content. Now that their doors are finally opened, Clubhouse updates roles to leaders and members. The Clubhouse …

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Clubhouse Introduces “Backchannel Messaging”

Clubhouse Introduces “Backchannel Messaging”

The Clubhouse app has been working on a new feature. After its recent partnership with TED, a significant change is about to unfold. Clubhouse  introduces “Backchannel Messaging.” This audio-based app was launched last March 2020. After a year, it has recorded 13 million downloads. As such, other social media platforms tried to clone it. This prompted Clubhouse …

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