Youtube tests new channel guidelines for comment management

Every social media channel faces the challenge of abusive comments. If left unmanaged, these types of comments can ruin a channel, page, or profile. That is why YouTube is continuously working on ways to protect an account against these challenges. First off, it enabled analytics and control options for Shorts. It also rolled out copyright protection tools and the video editing process. This is to make sure that videos turn out positive before publishing. Positive videos often result in positive comments. Today, YouTube tests new channel guidelines for comment management. This is to further eliminate abusive and negative comments.

YouTube’s new channel guidelines for comment management will allow creators to set rules around the types of comments that viewers can post beneath every clip. Each creator can add 3 commenting rules for every channel. The process is under testing by a small number of creators. For creators to know if they are part of the experiment, just check it out on the settings of YouTube Studio and click “Community.” 

YouTube Held for Review

YouTube is also expanding its “Held for Review” feature to its mobile platform. Last year, YouTube enabled the automatic detection of hurtful comments. These comments were then hidden under the folder “Held for Review.” Unactioned comments in the section will automatically be deleted after 60 days. If a creator wants to see the comments, just go to YouTube Studio’s channel comment and click see comments under the “Held for Review” section. Creators can choose to proceed to see the comment despite YouTube’s warning that it is potentially harmful. 

YouTube tests new channel guidelines for comment management on 06 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube’s new channel guidelines for comment management are a great way to control conversations among YouTube channels. This is very similar to Facebook’s group posting rules. For marketers, the ability to moderate conversations within a brand’s community can very well help in promoting a positive brand reputation. At the same time, it can boost conversion by eliminating any negative feedback against the brand.


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