YouTube Adds New Copyright Protection Tools

Everyone gets access to YouTube. With 2 billion monthly active users, it will be hard to control copyright violations and video duplications within the platform. Yet, YouTube continuously finds ways to do so. It added new analytics and membership metrics. Together with a new video editing process, it also added pre-publishing copyright checks. Today, YouTube adds new copyright protection tools.

YouTube copyright claim

The new copyright protection tools of YouTube aim to enhance the platform’s 1st rule of copyright – only upload videos you made or are authorized to use. First, a new tick box is added to prevent copyright violations of newly uploaded videos. After successfully checking this tick box, YouTube will stop users from uploading the same video via the Copyright ID detection and video matching tech. It will also warn anyone uploading similar videos for possible copyright infringement. 

YouTube copyright claim

Second, YouTube is also adding a new list of insights about copyright protection. The list shows the number of attempts made by someone to upload a similar video copyrighted under your account. It also shows how many videos have been blocked due to a creator’s claim. 

YouTube adds new copyright protection tools on 11 June 2021

Implications for Marketers: 

The new copyright protection tools from YouTube will stop copyright violations within the platform. It also detects IP infringement within the app. For marketers, this is a way to protect branded video content. As such, it will help brands protect their consistent theme for better recognition among their target audiences.



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