YouTube Releases Key Information on Rising Trends During The Pandemic

The pandemic has had such a profound global impact over the past few months, and there is no doubt that it has changed the way that consumers look for content. A lot of people have turned to the Internet and ecommerce to fulfill basic needs, and the pandemic has given rise to a whole new slew of topics.

YouTube Releases Key Information on Rising Trends During The Pandemic

To help people analyze the trending topics during the time of pandemic, YouTube released a new set of insights that took a look at the topic searches that users searched for the most during the quarantine period. Interestingly enough, the topics were similar across regions.

With the closures of gyms and restaurants worldwide, people have taken to searching for content on YouTube that would help them recreate the experience of going to the gym or eating out at home. As such, “Home Workouts” and “Restaurant Style” are two of the most searched topics. Six other search queries that ranked very highly were “museum tours,” “face masks,” “Dalgona coffee,” “sourdough bread,” “DIY haircuts,” and “gardening” – all of which were viral on social media at one point of the quarantine period.

Implication for Marketers:

It is worth noting the trends that arise during this period as marketers can use them to their advantage. For example, Philippine powdered juice brand, Tang, released their own how-to in making Dalgona-style fruit drinks made with different flavors of Tang. Brands can analyze why such topics are trending during this period and see how they can implement marketing strategies that cater to the rising trends.


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