YouTube Launches Shorts to the US

This is good news for YouTubers in the US. Shorts are now available in beta! These TikTok like short videos were initially tested in India on 14 September 2020. The very first Shorts video is “Me at the Zoo.” It’s an 18-second clip recorded by the founder when YouTube was created.

Shorts will now be available in beta among YouTube members in the US. YouTubers in the US will now see a dedicated Shorts logo on the main feed of their apps. Tapping the logo allows them to create a 15-second video with a playground of creativity. Shorts use a multi-segment camera where users can remix multiple video clips.  It can control speed settings and record using music clips. Shorts house a large library of songs from over 250 labels and music publishers. Today, YouTube also allows text additions on any point of Shorts videos. 

YouTube launches Shorts to the US as of 18 March 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

YouTube is now focusing on helping its creators and members to turn creativity into a business. With the addition of Shorts, marketers can have a new option to create engaging content on the platform. Shorts may not have monetization elements at the moment. But expect that YouTube will roll them out soon.


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