YouTube Expands Direct Access to Shorts on Mobile

YouTube is indeed boosting the discovery of Shorts. Shorts are a Tiktok clone featuring music clips that last for 60 seconds. Last September, YouTube celebrated the 1st anniversary of Shorts. The platform then expanded the $100 million Shorts funding to more countries. It also partnered with Ed Sheeran for a Shorts campaign.

YouTube Expands Direct Access to Shorts on Mobile

Just last week, YouTube tested direct access to Shorts to a small number of mobile users. Today, it expands direct access to Shorts on mobile. When a YouTuber uploaded or watched a Shorts content before logging out, the user will be directed to the Shorts feed upon logging back in. YouTube now rolls out the said direct access to all mobile users. The rollout will cover all YouTube users for Android and iOS globally.

YouTube expands direct access to Shorts on mobile as of 08 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube Shorts is becoming a hit among YouTube users. It may be worth it for marketers to include them in their video marketing strategy. With Shorts discovery being boosted, it can also help brands boost discovery and conversions. 


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