YouTube Enables Free TV with Ads

YouTube Enables Free TV with Ads

The YouTube Movies & Show team opens up new ways for YouTubers to enjoy their classic TV favorites. Today, YouTube enables free TV with video ads. It means that people can now enjoy streaming full seasons of TV for free on YouTube.

YouTube TV shows

YouTube’s CTV or Connected TV allows viewers to watch TV videos on gaming consoles, mobile devices, Smart televisions, web browsers, and other internet-connected devices. It runs under a monthly subscription offering, including the 4k Plus Package and Sports channels. Today, YouTube viewers based in the U.S. can access free movies and shows and up to 100 new titles every week. The only catch is being able to put up with few ads in relevant gaps.

YouTube enables free TV with ads on 23 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

YouTube’s Connected TV is the fastest-growing category in the platform today. Around 135 million people watched TV series on YouTube. Enabling free TV opens up opportunities for marketers to boost brand awareness and reach much more affordable pricing with more targeting options.


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