YouTube Announces Improvements on Captions

YouTube is continuously working to make it easier for creators to optimize their video content. Last June, the platform enabled a new video editing process. It included automatic clips segmentation and video chapter search. To further maximize the reach of video content, it has also lowered the threshold for community posting. Today, YouTube announces improvements on captions. Edward Lo, a Product Manager of YouTube Captions, announces the improvements via the Creator Insider channel. 

YouTube Announces Improvements on Captions

Live Automatic Captions for English 

First, YouTube’s live automatic captions for the English language were originally available to channels with 1000 and up subscribers. Today, it will be made available to all creators. YouTube is also planning to introduce live automatic captions to more languages soon. Creators can enable live automatic caption via their stream settings.

YouTube Announces Improvements on Captions

Subtitle Translation

Second, YouTube’s subtitle translation option is currently available to the desktop studio only. Today, it will now be available to the mobile studio. Such a feature will allow viewers to translate available caption tracks into another language.

YouTube Announces Improvements on Captions

Video Transcripts Search

Third, YouTube is now making video transcripts searchable. It will allow viewers to find specific segments of a video based on their caption text. Searchable video transcripts make it easier for them without watching the whole video. 

YouTube announces improvements on captions as of 08 October 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube Captions’ improvements provide more ways for creators to connect to their audiences. For marketers, they can be a marketing strategy to boost the reach of video ads. With new mobile studio metrics and tools, they can surely optimize promoting products and services on YouTube.


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