Facebook Pro-Tips to Keep up and Maximize Video Content

Around 92% of marketers believe that video content is an important part of social media marketing. On Facebook alone, videos get 8 billion views daily. As video content rises, Facebook continuously updates its video ranking and tools to help creators make meaningful connections. Last 12 August 2020, the platform posted a video on tips about Live Streaming. Furthermore, here are some Facebook pro-tips to keep up and maximize video content.


Facebook Live Streaming is a great tool to increase real-time engagement. They are a shorter path to connecting with your followers, and they allow quick discovery of a brand. Live Producer is Facebook’s advanced streaming software. It uses a high-end camera and features interactive tools like pinned posts, polls, etc. To extend the exposure of your Live videos, users can also post them on Facebook Watch.

Repost Video Content with High Watch Time.

Check the posted video performance insights. Create a new post from videos with high minutes of views. Keep the old video content fresh by adding new titles and descriptions relevant to today’s trends.

Upload Old Video Playlists in Bulk.

Users can revive your old video playlists by uploading them in bulk. Facebook’s bulk uploader allows up to 50 video uploads in just one click. It also enables auto-captions. But admins can also edit the titles, tags, posting schedule, and description manually.

Organize Video Content into Playlist and Series.

Video Playlist is a simple and flexible option for organizing new and uploaded videos. Group episode videos in series and those with a relevant theme on a themed playlist. They increase the distribution of video content through related categories and tags. It will allow video discovery on Facebook Watch, Search, and News Feed.

Create or Join Video Challenge.

To encourage follower engagement, take advantage of the video challenge trend. Challenge the community by posting a video they can imitate including a relevant hashtag. Re-sharing participant’s post is also a good way to maximize the content. Alternatively, joining a movement’s video challenges allow brand discovery among a crowd.

Put Stories into Highlights.

Stories disappear after 24 hours. To keep them accessible, post them under Highlights. They appear below a profile photo on Instagram and remain visible unless removed. Users can do the same on Instagram archives.

Facebook publishes these pro-tips to keep up and maximize video content on 18 September 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

These pro-tips help marketers reach high-engagement and maximize video content. It is worth thinking about focusing on video content that resonates better with the community. The key message here is practicality. Facebook video marketing isn’t about posting new videos but it’s more of highlighting evergreen old videos to make them work again.

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/creators/5-tips-for-maximizing-your-content



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