YouTube Enables Video Chapter Search

YouTube is now looking to enhance its in-app searches. Recently, the platform adopted a new look on its creator’s website. It includes a tab on how things work and top questions. Last January, it enabled clips, a fun way to share a part of a long-form video. It became the basis for testing automated video chapters. Until last month, the video-sharing platform enabled the automatic segmentation of clips. Today, YouTube enables video chapter search. It aims to make the discovery of YouTube video chapters easier for viewers.

YouTube Enables Video Chapter Search

Video chapter search in YouTube improves and refines navigation in the app among users. Viewers commonly see thumbnails for every YouTube video. These are a quick snap of what you can view. Today, people can see video chapters directly on search pages. They appear like thumbnails. But these time-stamped images cover specific topics within the video. Users can see a chapter drop-down option to see further details about the clips.

YouTube notes that video chapter search is not yet available for all videos. But moving forward, the platform is gradually rolling out such an update. YouTube enables video chapter search on 17 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

YouTube’s video chapter search can provide a new element for discovery. It may be worth checking for marketers. Segmenting video ads into clips can be a great way to connect them to different niches.


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