Twitter’s Marketing Calendar for November 2020

Twitter releases its marketing calendar for November 2020. This is to help brands gain ideas of potential promotion tie-ins. The platform has been updating its marketing calendar after the lockdowns and quarantines. They started publishing the modified ones in June 2020 and released a Twitter full marketing calendar in July 2020. This is together with rolling out new tools to help brands better connect to their audiences. These include audio tweets, DM overlay on tweets, quote tweets, and Twitter list options

Twitter's Marketing Calendar for November 2020

The updated Q4 of 2020 Marketing Calendar of Twitter shows the following November 2020 events and holidays:

  • November 1 – All Saint’s Day
  • November 3 – U.S. Presidential Election
  • November 5 – Guy Fawkes Day
  • November 8 – Remembrance Day
  • November 12 – The Masters
  • November 13 – Children in Need World Kindness Day
  • November 14 – Diwali
  • November 19 – MTV Music Awards Europe
  • November 27 – Black Friday
  • November 30 – St. Andrew’s Day and Cyber Monday

The list can help American and British brands to plan their campaigns for this month.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter’s marketing calendar helps brands what and when can they launch an ad or campaign. It gives them the time to plan relevant content on upcoming events and holidays. By having a firm plan for every season, brands can reduce marketing costs and increase ad efficiency.


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