Twitter Releases an Updated June 2020 Marketing Calendar

Twitter Marketing Calendar

A lot of events have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  It’s been around two months or more when social distancing was enforced. For Twitter, June is something to look out for. It’s the month of new normal – a transition phase to get our lives back. Today, Twitter releases an updated June 2020 marketing calendar. Such a calendar can help brands with their strategic plans.

Twitter Releases an Updated June 2020 Marketing Calendar

Twitter’s June 2020 Events

The Twitter Marketing Calendar 2020 highlights the most anticipated events that are buzzworthy. Their  June 2020 Marketing LineUp as follows:

  • Pride Month. In June 1969, the famous Stonewall Riot in New York followed by the Stonewall Parade in 1970 marks the whole month of June as “Pride Month.” Twitter requests its user to post words of support as celebrating such an event, for now, will be online. 
  • Best Friends Day. Each of us has that one friend whom we called our best. Our bond with them is unbreakable. Way back 1935, the US Congress decided to devote 8 June as a day to pay tribute to them. Twitter suggests sharing something special with your best friend.
  • Summer Solstice. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year which happens any day from 20 June to 22 June. This year, it will be on 20 June.  Twitter request everyone to use memes to officially mark the summer feeling.
  • National Selfie Day. The first selfie was taken in 1939 by Robert Cornelius. After 75 years, DJ Rick McNeely created the idea of National Selfie Day on 21 June. It’s now considered a holiday. As selfie is a social proof of who you are today, Twitter encourages its users to post their pictures with pride. 
  • Father’s Day. On 19 June 1910, the first father’s day was celebrated to honor a civil war veteran. In 1972, President Woodrow Wilson officially declared the 3rd Sunday of June as National Father’s Day. Twitter encourages everybody to express gratitude to all dads in the world.

Let’s look forward to June as a great month. Moreso, let’s be thankful that we got the chance to connect online despite these challenging times.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter’s marketing calendar can be a great opportunity to showcase brands on the platform. Marketers can look ahead and check opportunities to engage with the audience. The key is to remain relevant and active in engaging with your audience.

Brands can encourage their followers to post a selfie with their products during Pride Month or Selfie Holiday. Running unique promotions during best friend and father’s day is one good way to market. There’s also nothing better than to create meaningful memes that relate to your brand during a summer solstice holiday. Twitter is a platform for news and trends. Marketers can plan using its calendar for their content.


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