Twitter Rolls Out Quote Tweets

There are different ways to build connections on Twitter. You can do a basic tweet, reply to a tweet, retweet with comments, or send a direct message. 

Recently Twitter rolls out quote tweets. This is the new name for retweets with comments. 

Twitter Rolls Out Quote Tweets

The update features a separate count listing for responses to a quote tweet. Below a tweet, the quote tweets button will be showing between retweet and likes. Clicking the new features direct a user to a list of retweets with comments. This is an easier way to keep track of audiences’ responses. 

Twitter rolls out quote tweets as of 01 September 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Quote tweets are not a major change in the Twitter platform. But, it’s a relevant one for marketers. By seeing how the audiences react to each tweet, they could spark a similar engagement. Marketers can use quote tweets to survey what their audiences prefer or want. As such, they’ll get better insights into their next marketing step.


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