Twitter Updates End Card of Spaces

You share, we listen! This is Twitter’s statement as it updates the end cards of Spaces. Spaces are love audio rooms just like the Clubhouse app. To enhance such a feature, the platform enabled downloading of Spaces and editing options for scheduled Spaces. But after a Space conversation has been completed, it only shows the name of the host and its title. 

Twitter Spaces end card

The updated end card of Spaces via the web will now show the host and a speaker list together with their profile images. It will still show the title of the room but not its listeners. It is a handy update to provide more context on Spaces displays.

Twitter updates the end card of Spaces on 09 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter’s updated end card of Spaces can help improve the discovery and engagement of live audio rooms. For marketers, Spaces can be a new way to promote products and services. Having a brand as a speaker for a Space room can boost audio engagement and reach.


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