Twitter Sells MoPub to AppLovin

Twitter has acquired a lot of platforms in the year 2021. These include 

  • Quill, an interactive grammar and writing tool
  • Revue, a newsletter platform
  • Sphere, a group chat app
  • Squad, a video chat app
  • Threader tweet converter
  • Tomorrow, a weather service platform

This 2022, it seems Twitter starts the year by selling MoPub to AppLovin. MoPub is Twitter’s mobile ad platform. In 2020, it generated $20 million in revenue for Twitter. As Twitter wants to enhance ad products within the platform, it sells MoPub to AppLovin, a mobile game maker. The sale closes at $1.05 billion in cash. With the said funds, Twitter will accelerate product development and switch to other areas of business.

Twitter sells MoPub to AppLovin on 03 January 2022

Implications for Marketers: 

As Twitter sells MoPub to AppLovin, marketers should expect a big change in Twitter marketing this year. As mentioned, Twitter will now focus on in-app product development. It means more ways to promote products and services. 


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