Twitter Enables Revue Subscriptions

Twitter is popular as a go-to social media site for current events and news exchanges. The platform is off for some big news! Last January, it acquired Revue, a newsletter app for long-form content. It also partnered with AP and Reuters as it tested a newsletter subscription button. Today, Twitter enables Revue subscriptions. 

Twitter newsletter sign-up

Twitter users can now subscribe to their favorite Revue writers via desktop and mobile web. The platform also looks forward to enabling Revue subscription via Android and iOS soon. Once a user clicks a newsletter tweet, they can then see a subscribe button as they go back to their timeline. If the Twitter account has a linked email, it will automatically be included without the need to confirm. Revue writers can also ask their readers to:

  • Ask readers to share the newsletter issue.
  • End their threads with the writer’s profile link
  • Share the writer’s profile link on Spaces.

Twitter enables Revue subscriptions as of 22 October 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Revue is a great addition to Twitter’s paid subscriptions. For marketers, it can mean partnering with journalists and writers to leverage ads and campaigns. As Twitter is a go-to place for news and trends, brands can squeeze in relevant content.


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