Twitter Launches Custom Backgrounds on Fleets

In November 2020, Twitter officially rolled out Fleets. Just like Instagram Stories, they last within 24 hours. Fleets give users a unique experience. It allows them to post a photo, record a video, retweet, or write text captions. Having them disappear within a day gives the Twitter nation the right information privacy they want. Since its official launch, Twitter is making enhancements to the said feature. It rolled out animated stickers and Twemojis to add fun on Fleets. Today, Twitter launches custom backgrounds to liven up Fleets.

Twitter Launches Custom Backgrounds on Fleets

Twitter has been testing adding an image or video background on Fleets since last month. The platform aims to add more context to such stories instead of using plain colored backgrounds. Today, users can add a background image or video from their camera roll when creating Fleets. Using the sticker option on a Fleet composer, you can add different elements to make your Fleets more engaging. 

Twitter launches custom backgrounds on Fleets on 20 April 2021The feature is initially available for iOS users.

Implications for Marketers:

The launch of custom backgrounds on Fleets is a clear move for Twitter to catch up with the stories’ trend. Other platforms have seen the power of sharing momentary experiences like LinkedIn Stories, Pinterest Story Pins, and Snapchat Stories. For marketers, Fleets still lack AR effects but still, it can be a great option to share a brand’s culture and story.



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