Twitter Tests Adding Custom Background on Fleets

Stories are a great way to tie business and engagement among social media posts. According to studies, brand stories have an 86% completion rate. While 50% of viewers purchase after seeing products and services in a story. Twitter launches its own version of stories in India last June 2020. Named “Fleets”, such a feature was fully rolled out 5 months after. Recently, the platform added tweemojis on Fleets. Today, Twitter tests adding custom background on Fleets.

Twitter Tests Adding Custom Background on Fleets

Tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong recently tweeted that Twitter is working on the ability to add a captured image or custom background on Fleets. This is to add more context instead of using the default plain colored backgrounds. Besides custom backgrounds on Fleets, Twitter users can also add a captured image when replying to a tweeted question. Such new options can be accessed through a camera, camera roll, and stickers icon in composer tools of Fleets.

Twitter tests adding custom background on Fleets on 19 March 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Custom backgrounds on Fleets are an enhancement of its visual tools. They can better promote engagement among these Twitter stories-like features. Marketers can use them to creatively showcase products and services. It can also be an option for brands to give their followers a chance in sharing visually engaging UGCs.




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