Twitter Allows Sharing Tweets on Snapchat Stories

Twitter’s monthly active users have now grown to 188 million. Paired with its advanced accessibility options, the platform is now a great option for ads and campaigns. Recently, it has been rolling out integrations with other platforms. Last October 2020, WordPress added an option to published blog posts via tweets. Today, Twitter allows sharing tweets on Snapchat Stories. 

Twitter Allows Sharing Tweets on Snapchat Stories

Effective today, iOS users can now share tweets directly to Snapchat Stories. The new option to share a tweet via the Snap camera will appear as an option if a user opts to share a tweet. When a Snap chatter clicks the link on the Snapchat Story, it will directly go back to the Twitter post. As such, users can see the whole conversation related to the post on the Twitter platform.

Twitter allows sharing tweets on Snapchat Stories effective 10 December 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Sharing tweets via Snapchat Stories increases Twitter traffic. For marketers, this is a good way to target engagement both on Snapchat and Twitter. With 188 million Twitter audiences and 314.6 million Snapchat users, it has a huge potential to help brand conversion and discoverability.



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