Twitter Introduces the #TwitterPrism Initiative

The Twitter Nation is the center of everything that Twitter does. The platform rolled out accessibility features including audio clips, Home and Latest timelines, and the Squad live stream app. It also advocates for diverse voices like black-owned businesses, LGBTQs, the physically disabled, etc. Today, Twitter introduces the #TwitterPrism initiative.

The #TwitterPrism initiative is designed to help Twitter marketers integrate a more inclusive approach in their ads, campaigns, and outreach. This is by providing market insights about the specific aspects of historically excluded communities. The #TwitterPrism initiative features:

  • Amplify Content Partnership minority-owned brands.
  • Co-creation campaigns with ArtHouse, Twitter’s partner for creative advertising.  
  • Connect Code workshops on how to authentically connect to diverse Twitter communities.
  • Cultural Context workshops to expand the understanding of these key areas. 
  • Voices X to connect brands with historically marginalized communities. 

Twitter introduces the #TwitterPrism initiative on 18 October 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

The #TwitterPrism initiative can be a key gateway for marketers to create more informed ads and campaigns among historically excluded communities. Such an initiative can boost authenticity and engagement among Twitter brands.


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