Twitter Advances Its Accessibility Features

Twitter is testing audio clips since June 2020. This made the platform realized the need to build new options for all potential users. They most especially want to serve the disabled community. As such, Twitter advances its accessibility features.

Twitter Advances Its Accessibility Features

To advance its accessibility features, Twitter introduces two new teams who would focus on such tasks:

  • The Accessibility Center for Excellence. This team will handle communication strategies and the formulation of legal standards and policies. They’ll be working closely with Twitter’s partner groups.
  • The Experience Accessibility Team. They will be working on developing new products and tools to make Twitter more accessible to everyone. 

Both teams will work together to broaden the accessibility features of Twitter.

As Twitter mentioned, audio clips or voice tweets haven’t been widely used yet. But they are a significant update for those who can’t type on keyboards. By early 2021, the platform promises to automate audio and video captions. 

Twitter advances its accessibility features as of 02 September 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

It’s an important initiative for Twitter to advance its accessibility features. Marketers should closely watch out for any development. Voice tweets are a new way to add target audiences. There’s a lot of opportunity to market within the disabled community. As such, brands can increase awareness and engagement on Twitter. This is with the inclusion of the blinds, deaf, and visually impaired people. 


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