Twitter Officially Launches “Twitter Blue”

Blue! Blue! My world is blue! But don’t worry now, here’s Twitter Blue! The platform has been experimenting with this paid subscription since early last month. It even gave a preview of what’s in it. Today, Twitter officially launches “Twitter Blue.”

Twitter Blue

As mentioned, Twitter Blue is a paid subscription service to access exclusive Twitter features and tools. It will now be available in Australia and Canada at a monthly subscription fee of AUD 4.49 and CAD 3.49 respectively. The initial offering will include the following premium features and tools:

  • App Icon. This is a selection of custom icons that a Twitter Blue subscriber can use on their device.
  • Bookmark Folders. These allow a subscriber to categorize saved tweets into topics.
  • Color theme. Such a feature allows a subscriber to change color options on his or her UX display.
  • Dedicated Support. A Twitter Blue subscriber also gets access to a dedicated customer support team. 
  • Reader Mode. This enables a subscriber to turn tweet threads into an easy-to-read single stream.
  • Undo tweets. With Twitter Blue, subscribers can retract tweets within 30-second after posting.

Twitter officially launches “Twitter Blue” on 03 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter Blue is the very first paid subscription offering within the platform. For marketers, it may be worth a try to know what this big swing can do. The premium features and tools that the paid subscription offers can be helpful to brands. Especially the “Bookmark Folders” which can be a handy eCommerce listing. 


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