Twitter “Super Follow” Option is on the Way

Twitter is now set to monetize exclusive content. After acquiring the Breaker social podcast and Revue newsletter app, it also partnered with Amazon Web Services, Double Verify (DV), and Integral Ad Science (IAS). Recently, the platform is set to launch its first paid subscription as Twitter “Super Follow” option is on the way.

Twitter “Super Follow” Option is on the Way

The “Super Follow” option will be available to Twitter profiles with at least 10K followers. This paid subscription will cost $4.99 monthly. “Super Follow” allows subscribers to:

  • A Support Badge
  • Community access
  • Deals and discounts
  • Exclusive content
  • Exclusive newsletters 

With these privileges, super followers can read, reply, and share exclusive Fleets and Tweets on the accounts they have to subscribe to. They can also join Spaces on the said account for free and receive regular newsletters via the Revue platform.

Twitter “Super Follow” option is on the way as of 26 February 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter “Super Follow” is a new option for building a more dedicated community. But generally, there may be a low chance of getting paid subscribers in social media networks especially when pages are very public. For marketers, this can be another option to gain revenue while having a content marketing strategy on Twitter. Let’s just wait and see.



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