Twitter Shows Impact of Mixed Video Ads

Video ads are on the rise. They provide brands with positive ROIs. Around 92% of businesses include video ads as an important part of their marketing strategy. On 07 July 2020, YouTube allowed mid-roll video ads to generate more revenue. On the other hand, Twitter aims to know the impact of video ads on marketing on the platform. As of 04 August 2020, Twitter showed the impact of mixed video ads.

Twitter Shows Impact of Mixed Video Ads

Twitter partnered with Magna Global and IPG Lab. The partnership aims to study the effectiveness of video ads. The report shows the impact of mixed video ads on brand awareness. Mixed video ads increase awareness by 59%. It has the highest percentage as compared to single-style video ads of 46% and dual-style video ads of 52%. The report also shows that mixed video ads impact the user’s research intent by 6x. What’s surprising is that dual-style video ads impact purchase intent 8x.

Implications for Marketers:

As Twitter shows the impact of mixed video ads, businesses now have a guide on how to tell their brand stories on Twitter. For marketers, it gives a smart idea on how to map out their digital strategies. It suggests cutting down your primary campaign into smaller video formats. Using mixed video ads catches the audience’s attention much better. It’s a guarantee to boost brand awareness.


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