Twitter Enables Frequency Capping on Ads

A key component of success in digital marketing is the effectiveness of its reach. It means less cost but a higher ROI. Based on Twitter research, 80% of the potential impact on ads happens on the first 2 exposures. The platform has also noted that campaigns with a duration of 4 to 12 weeks resulted in higher lifts. As such, Twitter enables frequency capping on ads.

Twitter Enables Frequency Capping on Ads

Frequency capping enables marketers to set limits on how many times an ad is shown to Twitter users within a specific time frame. Twitter suggests exposing ads to a target audience at least 2x per week if a brand is targeting the upper funnel metrics – ad recall and brand awareness. As you move beyond the funnel and target users in the action or decision stage, there’s a need to increase the ad exposure. It will still be a marketer’s call to control the campaign budget and exposure. Twitter’s frequency cap is just one of the many options to scale Twitter ads and campaigns.

Twitter enables frequency capping on ads as of 03 December 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

The new frequency capping on Twitter ads is another option to maximize Twitter marketing. This is in addition to Twitter’s recently added features like audio messaging and topic list sharing. For marketers, the frequency capping insights suggested by Twitter can really make sense. Pushing a Twitter ad to new audiences too much may lead to annoyance. Thus, it’s a smart move to limit exposure. Once a brand captured the audience’s interest, that’s the time that ad repetition can influence the buying action.


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