Twitter Tests “Communities”

Twitter is a go-to place for broad, weird, and wonderful conversations. But not all conversations are for everyone. So, the platform finds a way to help users talk about the same things that interest them. Today, Twitter tests “Communities.” Together with the platform’s DM improvements and redesigned visual elements, they could be a space for more meaningful conversations

Twitter “Communities” is an alternate timeline for more topic-focused conversations. “Communities” allow users to tweet within the group upon joining. This is instead of posting the tweet to all your followers. “Communities” are public, so all tweets can be seen by everyone on Twitter. They can also quote the tweet or report it. Upon receiving a membership invite from a community, a user can invite 5 more members to the group. 

Moderators of Twitter “Communities” will be the ones to choose the topic for the conversation. They will also be the ones to invite members and lay down the rules to moderate the group. Since “Communities” are still on the testing page, topics are still limited among popular conversations. But if you want to be a moderator, you can tell Twitter by filling up this interest form

Twitter tests “Communities” on iOS and the web as of 08 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Twitter “Communities” can be a great place for more focus and meaningful conversations. Marketers can moderate “Communities” to connect with target audiences related to their niche. Such a new experience can boost engagement and quality reach.


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