Twitter Acquires OpenBack

Twitter Acquires OpenBack

Last year, Twitter has made a lot of acquisitions. These include Quill, Revue, Sphere, Squad, Threader, and Tomorrow. This year, the platform recently made its first acquisition. Twitter acquires OpenBack to improve the relevance and timelessness of notifications.

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OpenBack is a mobile engagement platform. The platform uses machine learning and on-device signals to deliver push notifications at the best time to each user. Jay Sullivan, Twitter’s Head of Consumer Product, tweets about the acquisition. He mentions that OpenBack can make apps more engaging through device-side controls of push notifications. As such, OpenBack can help Twitter customize and personalize notifications for every user.   

Twitter acquires OpenBack on 12 April 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

As Twitter acquires OpenBack, it ensures every user’s engaging, relevant, and timely notifications. For marketers it means better ads and campaign prompts to target audiences, eventually increasing engagement and sales.


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