Study Shares New Insight into Rising Video Trends

MAGNA Global, in association with Snap Inc. and IPG Media Lab, conducted a new study on how users consume videos. They’ve found that shorter ads are becoming more effective to get messages across, which could spell a difference for how marketing strategies are implemented.

Study Shares New Insight into Rising Video Trends
Magna Global

They analyzed over 7,700 responses from various video campaigns to see which videos would prove most effective. According to their findings, the length of a video ad alone is not enough to determine how efficient it would be at helping a brand achieve their goals. Both short and long videos can now influence the way that consumers purchase, which may be a result of short-form video content becoming more prominent across social media.

This is what the report had to say:

“While shorter video ads are often leveraged to drive awareness, today they can be just as persuasive as their traditional counterpart – the :15 second ad. Controlling for brand, :06 and :15 second ads drove nearly identical lifts in both brand preference (+9% and +10% respectively) and purchase intent (+5% and +4% respectively).”

The report also found that people also tend to find ads 15 seconds and above to be too intrusive, whereas a huge majority of people would not mind rewatching a 6-second ad. However, user behavior still depends on the platform. The report found that users on Snapchat are more inclined to let a 15-second ad play out. However, the general consensus is that users would prefer to skip ads when they can.

The study goes more in-depth on how video ads can be optimized to achieve goals. You can check out the full version here. 

Implications for Marketers:

Marketers could use these findings to inform their campaigns and assess their own video marketing strategies. These may help them develop more efficient and more effective marketing campaigns, and it could help them engage with more users.


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