Snapchat Publishes NeRoic Research

Last May, Snapchat applied for a full patent of 3D avatars. It is because the platform showcased unique features in augmented reality (AR) like the Bitmoji avatars and Bitmoji fashion. Today, Snapchat publishes a NeRoic Research paper.

Snapchat’s NeRoic Research is a collection of ways to turn Google images, photos, and videos of objects into #D digital assets. Neural Object Capture and Rendering from Online Image Collections (NeRoic) is cutting-edge technology in digital asset creation that does not need images photographed in the physical world. Through NeRoic, Snap chatters can source images online and integrate them into digital assets. Snapchat will present the research paper at the SIGGRAPH conference in Vancouver.

Snapchat publishes NeRoic Research on 08 August 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

Snapchat’s NeRoic Research can be another eCommerce marketing advancement. As such, brands should scan digital versions of their offerings to prepare for digital purchases.


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