Snapchat Applies for Patent on Bitmoji Fashion

Today, millions of people are using augmented reality (AR). It’s a unique experience of overlaying digital elements on real-world content. Around 88% of brands are using AR in some ways. On the Snapchat platform, bitmoji has been the in-thing for AR effects. Recently, Snapchat applies for a patent on bitmoji fashion.

Snapchat Applies for Patent on Bitmoji Fashion

Last 04 December 2020, Snapchat partnered with Jordan, Levi’s, and Ralph Lauren in dressing up bitmoji avatars. The partnership allows Snapchat users to dress their avatars with the three brand’s range of outfits. As such, these brands can showcase their clothing line in a fun and interactive way. On 31 December 2020, Snapchat applies for a patent on the bitmoji fashion. This means that once the patent application is approved, it’s only Snapchat that can showcase a bitmoji version of fashion retailers in partnership with the platform. With such a move, Snapchat is looking forward to expanding bitmoji fashion with other retailer brands.

Implications for Marketers:

Snapchat’s patent application on bitmoji fashion is a clear move to shift into eCommerce. Once the platform was awarded the bitmoji fashion patent, other clothing brands need to partner with them to harness bitmoji fashion in their marketing strategies. Marketers should consider experimenting with AR effects on their ads. Learning the potentials of bitmoji fashion can be a big step to the eCommerce ladder. Sooner, they may not only be applied on clothing lines but it’s possible to cross other product lines moving forward.



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