Snapchat Rolls Out 3D Bitmoji Avatars

Snapchat Rolls Out 3D Bitmoji Avatars

Snapchat has gotten a new addition to its creative tools. After launching Bitmoji fashion, event invites, remix snaps, and Screenshop, Snapchat rolls out 3D Bitmoji Avatars. This is a 3D treatment for Snapchat profiles.

3D Bitmoji

Starting today, Snapchat users can change their profile pictures using 3D Bitmoji Avatars. They can choose from over 1,200 combinations of backgrounds, facial expressions, gestures, and poses. Previously, the personalization of avatars on Snapchat was only available in 2D. But moving forward, Snapchatters can now customize them using 3D Bitmojis. 

Snapchat rolls out 3D Bitmoji Avatars on 19 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Snapchat’s 3D Bitmoji Avatar is an expressive, fun, and personal way to enhance Snapchat profiles. For marketers, this can be an expanded fashion push. Relevant brands can offer fashion avatars to boost the discovery of their product lines. Like Adidas and Levi’s, it is interesting to turn their best products into 3D Bitmoji fashion.


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