Snapchat Enables New Spotlight Tools

Remember Snapchat’s Spotlight? They are video snaps that last for 4 to 60 seconds. Launched in November 2020, Spotlight is a TikTok clone like Instagram Reels, Twitter Fleets, and YouTube Shorts. For its next stage of development, Snapchat enables new Spotlight tools today. 

Snapchat developer tools for Spotlight

A new Creator Kit for Spotlight will allow developers to publish a Spotlight clip directly on Snapchat. Users will be able to browse and download the content instantly. Once the Spotlight goes viral, developers can be rewarded for every additional download. Developers can also use hashtags on the content to track how well they are doing. What’s best is that Snapchat won’t take any cut from developers. Beatleap and Videoleap by LightricksPiñata FarmsPowder, and Splice are the initial partners to try the new creator kit. 

Snapchat enables new Spotlight tools on 17 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Snapchat’s new Spotlight tools are a new way for marketers to promote products and services on the platform. Brands and businesses have to try them out to reach 125 million Snapchatters. As such, they can increase both reach and revenue.


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