Snap Map Enables Layers

A major advantage of Snapchat is enabling unique features that provide an immersive user experience. These include AR lenses, AR try-on, Bitmoji avatars, an extensive sound library, and scan tools. Recently, the platform is enhancing Snap maps as part of its eCommerce push. It added “My Places” to discover businesses through friends’ recommendations. Today, Snap Map enables layers.

Snap Map Enables Layers

Layers allow Snap chatters to change their focus within the Snap map. It will help users choose from different presentation options within the map. Snapchat will be debuting two layers on Snap Map – Explore and Memories.  

The Explore layer of Snap Map showcases public places around the world. Walk down memory lane by scrolling on your top Snap moments in the last 12 months. Both layers allow users to go on a virtual expedition around the world. Snap Map is also looking forward to adding more layers soon.

Snap Map enables layers on 17 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Snap map layers are an interesting feature to boost marketing within the platform. Marketers can look forward to enabling sponsored map listing as part of their Snapchat strategy.

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